Deriving inspiration from the spiritual connection the designer has with her native Greek homeland, the main idea behind SS16 developed from Chilikova’s powerful creative bond with the architectural patterns of Meteora.

Significant elements that define the collection include votive symbols, historically used to provide individuals with the opportunity to spiritually connect with God. Chilikova’s latest collection is composed of clerical cassocks, Angelika pays attention on the votive through the representation of the eyes in both archaic and Christian terms, the eyes represent vision, vision being only inferior to the soul opens windows to the world around us and the diversified states of being we find ourselves in, providing a better formed future.

Furthermore, the use of fabrics created by Mother Nature such as cotton and silk, the designer refers to our human connection to earth and it’s elements. Deviating from the norm, Chilikova’s fabrics were buried alongside different metal elements in order to produce unique and individual prints that characterise the standout collection.

The eye-catching Spring/ Summer ’16 collection forges an intriguing relationship between religion, land and fabric, through the execution of dramatic silhouettes and an androgynous aesthetic.