With its AW16 Collection, CLON8 celebrates Botticelli’s painting Primavera.

Primavera is also known as ‘Allegory of Spring’ and with this collection, designer Chilikova transmutes the delicate abundance of spring into the bold silhouettes of winter.

The symbolic interpretation of Primavera presents, if you like, a black-ink version of the vibrant painting, extending the burgeoning of spring into autumn and winter where Flora, the goddess of flowers, has black petals falling at her feet.

Draped in garments of natural fabrics that make her very much a part of this world, she gradually breaks free from her earthy ties and transcends into Oneness. She overcomes all to discover her place in the cosmos.

Though there are many interpretations of Botticelli’s Primavera, ultimately the painting symbolises love and fertility.

Through CLON8’s humanistic interpretation of the painting, we come to recognise man’s unique place in the universe.