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The Circle

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CLON8 SS17 The Circle Collection

Grounded by its natural materials, such as cotton and linen, which connect us to the earth, CLON8’s new collection is also inspired by the sacred symbolism of the circle.

Rich with meaning, the circle – having no beginning and no end – can be seen as representing eternity, the divine and even heavenly bodies like the sun and moon which inspired our ancient ancestors to look for meaning beyond themselves.

In nature, we see circles everywhere – in bubbles when we breathe out in water, in ripples on a lake when a fish rises to the surface, in the shape of fruits, fungi and flowers, and in tree rings as time graciously adds its inscription to the trunk of each tree.

In Chinese philosophy, a circle is filled with two opposing elements, known as Yin and Yang, each yearning for balance and unity. Here, contrary forces are seen as being complementary and interconnected, just as light and dark are fundamentally interconnected.

The real beauty of the circle is that it draws us in; we are invited to enter its infinite boundary to stand within its sacredness.

The loose, elegant, flowing and sometimes bubble-like garments, each designed and structured around the concept of the circle, are beautiful and graceful, enticing us not only to wear them but to ponder on their fuller meaning.

CLON8 SS17 The Circle CollectionCLON8 SS17 The Circle CollectionCLON8 SS17 The Circle CollectionCLON8 SS17 The Circle CollectionCLON8 SS17 The Circle Collection

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