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CLON8 Girls! Angelika đź–¤

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CLON8's innovative clothes are purposely designed to be versatile; they can be adapted to create different and fresh looks, as we want women to be able to express their moods, their impulses, their spontaneity.
The black clothes are highly functional and suit all seasons and occasions, due to their inbuilt ingenuity.
Today's CLON8 Girl is our Creative Director Angelika!

Age: 38 

From: Athens, Greece

Angelika was born and spent her childhood in Kazakhstan before relocating to Athens, Greece.

In 2006 she moved to London, originally for only a couple of years. Yet the energy of the city and the people were so alluring, she decided to make her temporary visit a permanent home.

Since moving to London, she has been working as a fashion designer and pattern cutter before launching her own brand, CLON8, a few years back.

What is your ideal state of being? -------- Being centered through balance


8 by CLON8 Wheel pants / CLON8 Circumference Vest


8 by CLON8 Arc Skirt

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Thank you Erebus for the Infinite Whirling Clutch from Anoir by Amal Kiran Jana and the VX Necklace and the Spheres Small Cuff from Aumorfia


 8 by CLON8  8 by CLON8  8 by CLON8
Wheel Pants Radius Black Dress Arc Skirt
ÂŁ85 ÂŁ80 ÂŁ55



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