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CLON8 Styled by you! Angeliki đź–¤

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CLON8 Styled by you
CLON8's innovative clothes are purposely designed to be versatile; they can be adapted to create different and fresh looks, as we want women to be able to express their moods, their impulses, their spontaneity.
The black clothes are highly functional and suit all seasons and occasions, due to their inbuilt ingenuity.
Today's CLON8 Girl is Angeliki!


Age: 26

From: Parta, Greece

After receiving her Bachelors’ Degree in English Literature and Language in Athens, she relocated to the Greek island Amorgos for her gap year. She then moved to the Netherlands to complete her Masters’ Degree in Sociology in Performing Arts. From the Netherlands, she relocated to London two years ago and currently works at the Palace Theatre in London as well as running her own amazing literary blog 


What is your ideal state of being? -"Ecstatic."

CLON8 Styled by you

8 by CLON8 Compass dress

CLON8 Styled by you

8 by CLON8 Arc Logo Print Skirt

CLON8 Styled by you

8 by CLON8 T-shirt Dress

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