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Platho Show SS19

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Our spring/summer ’19 Platho collection show at Athens Fashion Week was inspired by the notion of the verb “to mould”. Shaping ourselves each day and everything around us, including fashion, is what forms our uniqueness in everything we do and wear. The show was an awakening process, emphasising human’s distinction from one another, accentuated by the Platho collection designs and their idiosyncratic paradox of contemporary and infinitely unique features.


The show combined fashion, performance and movement in all of its individuality.


Set at the Zappeion Hall, the fashion show’s animated projection mapping was crafted by NOYO Company. The stagefeatured balloons, intertwined as both set andprops. Creating lift and movement, the balloons were then cut, innovatively representing the overt distinction between dreams and reality. 


Platho featured constant movement and evolution, proving the mould of each unique piece to its wearer and its wearer’s natural movements.


One of the signature pieces within the collection was presented in all of its uniqueness; the Paradox Kaftan. Unisex and convertible, the kaftan exudes the essence of the collection in its entirety. Distinctively and almost indescribably combining modernity and minimalism with movement and balance, the kaftan was featured alongside the rest of the statement collection. Using models of all looks and fighting against the idea of creating a signature model within a runway show, the collection was shown through performance and much more than simply a walk. Each piece multi-functional and effortlessly directional, attendees to the show saw dresses, cover-ups and trousers, worn on both genders, styled with the unique and modern ethereal quintessence of CLON8.
The perfect partner to the fluid collection itself, the show was choreographed by Olia Olina Mourouzidou to music from Greek hip hop artist Nikitas Klint. Evoking fashion, allure, uniqueness and equality between humans, the show was the perfect equilibrium of theatre and subtlety with Greek essence embodied within.

Designer / Artistic Director: Angelika Chilikova
Choreographer: Olia Olina Mourouzidou
Scenery setting /Animation /Projection mapping: NoYo studio
Animation: Gabriel Launer
Music: Nikitas Klint
Photographer: Konstantinos Giannakis
Hair: Ilias&Staff
MUA: Mac Cosmetics, Athens
Powered by Luxurious Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery
Guest of Honour : Christiana Lambrinidis

Performers :
Eleni Dimakoulea
Gabriel Launer
Eva Michala
Olia Olina Mourouzidou
Stauriana Astradenh
Evi Psaltou
Eliane Roumie
Stefania Sotiropoulou

Special Thanks for their contribution:
-British Hellenic College, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Athens
-Party4Us, Acharnes


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