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The Circle of Milos

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The circle of Milos

The Greek Island of Milos, the apt named "Ultimate Love," where I planned a holiday also unexpectedly became the destination for The Circle collection.

Like the collection itself, the summer of 2016 became a circle, stories with no beginning and no end. As they say, things always happen for a reason and so we followed where this alignment of the universe took us.

Photographer Fabio VH and I let the CLON8 Universe forge our path, leading us to explore the beauty of the island and chronicle the story of our circles.

The circle of Milos


The circle of M

Grounded by its natural materials, such as cotton and linen, which connect us to the earth, CLON8’s The Circle collection is also inspired by the sacred symbolism of the circle.

Rich with meaning, the circle – having no beginning and no end – can be seen as representing eternity, the divine and even heavenly bodies like the sun and moon which inspired our ancient ancestors to look for meaning beyond themselves.

In nature, we see circles everywhere – in bubbles when we breathe out in water, in ripples on a lake when a fish rises to the surface, in the shape of fruits, fungi and flowers, and in tree rings as time graciously adds its inscription to the trunk of each tree.

The real beauty of the circle is that it draws us in; we are invited to enter its infinite boundary to stand within its sacredness.

The Circle of Milos


In our pursuit of Aphrodite of Milos we come along two goddesses, the sisters Agathe and Alice Descamps and another circle. The close circle of Family.TheCircle of Milos


The magic of the beauty and energy of the island undoubtedly has the power to transform a woman into the goddess of Milos incarnate, something I, myself, could not resist. I freed my senses and allowed them to feel the power of the Aegean Sea. 

While observing Fabio VH shoot Alice and Agathe, the universe told me it was my turn. I let my inner Aphrodite out, inspired by my connection with the island, while Fabio captured it on film.

The circle of Milos

The circle of Milos

In CLON8, every female is a goddess, regardless of our position or circumstances. We are all Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter or another. Every woman has a goddess within herself.

The circle of Milos

The Circle of Milos


Our journey through Milos took us from model scouting, photo shoots on the beach, crazy road trips around the island all the way to the dreamiest of full moons. We got it all, the sky, the sea, the earth, and amazing people closing the circle of Euclidean geometry. 

The circle of Milos


Every project inevitably comes to an end, but what will remain are the memories of the journey. The memories are what matter most, it is the reason we create, putting all of our love and energy into the voyage.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of Fabio VH and the Descamps sisters at work.

The Circle  

 At the end of this journey, we settled near the most beautiful beach, the Sarakiniko at the Sarakiniko Rooms.

We are so grateful to the aspirational and joyful Mrs. Margarita for her wonderful hospitality.
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