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CLON8 is a unique brand with a distinct identity, known for its intricate patterning techniques, re-worked fabrics, its strong shapes and lines, where organic, natural influences are always present.

With their mix of creative cutting, design and texture, CLON8’s distinctive black clothes sum up effortless expression and self-confidence, while projecting a certain minimalist functionality.

The thing that makes CLON8’s garments unique is that they can be personalised in original ways, helping women to communicate their complex characters. Our innovative clothes are purposely designed to be versatile; they can be adapted to create different and fresh looks, as we want women to be able to express their moods, their impulses, their spontaneity.

The adjustable garments with their draping and layering features, their patterns and intricate details, are sensual and evocative, while at the same time being contemporary, minimalist and striking. The black clothes are highly functional and suit all seasons and occasions, due to their inbuilt ingenuity.

CLON8’s name originates from the Ancient Greek word, κλών, meaning “twig”. When we think of cloning we think of new life, of plants, fungi and bacteria reproducing, of clonal colonies where genetically identical plants grow from a single ancestor.

In Numerology, 8 represents balance; the number is both spiritual and materialistic in equal measures.

So, CLON8 represents a natural system of growth, whereby one design leads to another through the miraculous processes of creativity and balance. And this process has infinite possibilities. Therefore, CLON8 is endless.


The Designer

The inspiration behind CLON8 is Angelika Chilikova. She was born in Kazakhstan – a land situated in central Asia, with vast steppes and sweeping views, a place of traditions and folk tales. Stemming from a long line of tailors and craftspeople, she is an intuitive and passionate designer.

Raised in Greece – a country famous for its philosophy, art and drama – Angelika was immersed in its deep-thinking and religious culture, its rocky landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Drawing on this rich past, Angelika offers us a deep relationship with the earth and its elements through her use of natural, simple and ancient techniques.

Her Greek roots are particularly evident in her “Meteora” collection. Composed of clerical cassocks, the designs display votive and religious symbolism. All of her dramatic designs are able to take on an identity and a story of their own, becoming a part of the landscape and the history of the country. In the “Meteora” collection, we also see architectural patterns that remind us of the robust and multi-layered constructions of Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries, each built securely into the earth and rising from it to create striking silhouettes against the sky.

Her next collection portrayed a very different sensibility. As Chris Tull-Williams, the founder of the designer platform Erebus, commented, Angelika’s next collection, “The Circle”, took on “a more understated, flowing aesthetic”. The loose, elegant and sometimes bubble-like garments, each designed and structured around the concept of the circle, are beautiful and graceful; they draw us in, enticing us to enter the circle’s infinite boundary and sacredness.

Now, living and designing in London, Angelika Chilikova is engulfed in the hubbub of a busy capital city, inspired by its pace and energy, yet able to perceive the simple within the complex, the striking within the mundane.

The Designer of Clon8 an aspirational fashion brand Angelika Chilikova.